I’ve been using pelican for my blog for a while now, and I don’t really have anything negative to say about it. But for a while, I’ve been wanting a more minimal theme. I ended up on the front page of hacker news a couple of times, and the old theme had my face on all the pages, which made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I was looking at some other themes around the web, and I found PaperMod which I absolutely loved. I followed instructions for how to set it up, and it turns out that it only took me an hour or two to get everything up and running. I guess I have to give credit to where credit is due, both Hugo and PaperMod are really well-made, and easy to use. There’s a lot more stuff that Hugo can do, but I think I have everything I need set up for now.

It’s a bit sad that the old links no longer work, but the posts should be easy to find for anyone who ends up with a 404 anyway.

Edit: It turns out that it’s easy enough to use a frontmatter aliases directive to handle the old links, so the ones that have been shared should work again.